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June 1, 2011





Media Campaign Report: Policy Issue Brief Release

“Strengthening and Streamlining Development assistance programs”


The following report details the media campaign conducted by ProActive Communications for the release and promotion of the third in the series of GHI policy issue briefs. Please reply to bennett@getproactive.us with any questions or comments.


News Release

At 9:00 a.m. EDT on May 31, ProActive Communications released and marketed a news release announcing the publication of the development assistance programs issue brief to a national distribution of media outlets, agriculture-focused journalists, and bloggers. More than 200 media outlets have posted the news release online at the time of this report distribution, including print, radio, TV, and web-based news sources. Several of the more notable announcement placements are featured on GHI’s online Media Center. To view a comprehensive report of placements, please click here. To view the news release, please click here.


Website Enhancements

In conjunction with the news release, the Global Harvest Initiative interactive world map (image below) was updated with development assistance-related facts and figures from across the globe. To view the interactive map, please click here.


Stakeholder Distribution

A formatted message was distributed to the growing GHI stakeholder list, comprised of online users who have registered to receive updates on the GHI website. To view the stakeholder distribution, please click here.


Social Media

Accompanying Twitter and Facebook posts resulted in over 200 impressions.


Website Analytics Update

Below are select website analytics from the GHI website and blog on May 31:

§  62% of all visitors were new to the site

§  444 pages were viewed

§  3:50 - average time spent on the site


Upcoming Policy Issue Brief Release Dates



Policy Topic

June 13

Embracing Science-Based Technologies

June 27

Enhancing Private Sector Involvement in Agricultural and Rural Infrastructure Development


*All dates are tentative