The Philippines: Boosting Food and Nutrition Security After the Rice Price Crisis of 2007/2008

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Global Harvest Initiative staff are conducting field research in the Philippines. Read about their work below, and get updates from the field by following Dr. Margaret Zeigler, GHI executive director, on Twitter at @Harvest2050_MZ.

IRRI - Kang japonica crosses, Los Banos Laguna Philippines

Source: IRRI

World rice prices tripled in a period of just six months in late 2007 and early 2008, severely impacting the ability of poor rice consumers throughout Asia to meet their basic food needs. This price volatility of rice did not result from a lack of production or lack of stocks in rice, but was primarily due to poor government policies spawned by anxiety about having sufficient rice available for domestic consumption, according to an FAO Policy Brief.

To learn more about how one country in Southeast Asia, the Philippines, has addressed food security, rice availability, and other staple crop production in the wake of the food price crisis, the Global Harvest Initiative is conducting a country policy study by interviewing a range of leaders to highlight innovative new directions in agriculture, food and nutrition security. GHI staff are meeting with leaders in the Philippine government, industry and trade associations, smallholder farmers, United Nations agencies, research institutions and a broad range of development partners to learn more about how this resilient country and people are moving forward to produce more food in the face of increasing demand and climate change. We will highlight Philippine policies and programs to increase productivity and to improve food and nutrition security in the country.

We invite you to join us over the next two weeks as we meet with the dynamic and dedicated people of the Philippines, to learn from their challenges and their success stories. We will be sharing more information through our Harvest 2050 blog, Twitter @Harvest2050 and Facebook.


Margaret Zeigler, Executive Director, and Erica Seitzer, Senior Policy Associate

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IRRI - Hungduan rice terraces, Philippines

Source: IRRI

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