Embracing Science-Based Technologies

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WASHINGTON D.C. /June 13, 2011 – The Global Harvest Initiative (GHI) today published a new policy issue brief which highlights the importance of science-based technologies in sustainably addressing the mounting challenges of global hunger and food security in order to feed an anticipated nine billion people globally by 2050.

The policy issue brief, “Embracing Science-Based Technologies,” suggests that closing the global agricultural productivity gap between supply and demand and meeting the needs of a growing population will require the embrace of existing and new technologies and innovations that are scientifically proven to safely and effectively increase agricultural productivity.

“As demonstrated by the significant productivity increases that resulted from the Green Revolution, new technologies and innovation have proven to enhance food security across the globe. But the situation we face today is different; not only will the global population hit seven billion this year, but we can no longer expect productivity improvements to come from additional land, water or inputs,” said Dr. William G. Lesher, Global Harvest Initiative Executive Director. “We simply cannot meet the needs of the growing population unless we aggressively pursue and invest in new technologies and innovation, from enhanced seeds to storage, processing and transportation, to more efficient uses of irrigation.”

In the issue brief, GHI advocates for a science-based approach to new technologies, adequate funding for the development of innovative technologies, as well as a more effective and timely regulatory process in order for the development, approval, and adoption of new technologies to take place on a global scale, resulting in increased agricultural productivity and improved food security worldwide.

GHI’s first three policy issue briefs addressed the importance of agricultural research, the removal of trade barriers and the optimization of development assistance programs. GHI’s forthcoming and final issue brief will address the critical role of the private sector in addressing food security. The issue brief released today can be found at: https://www.globalharvestinitiative.org/index.php/policy-center/embracing-science-based-technologies/


About the Global Harvest Initiative: The Global Harvest Initiative was established in 2009 as a partnership among Archer Daniels Midland Company, DuPont, John Deere, and Monsanto with the goal of addressing hunger and food insecurity by sustainably closing the global agricultural productivity gap. For information about GHI membership, programs, and to access studies, reports and resources, visit: https://www.globalharvestinitiative.org. Twitter:http://www.twitter.com/Harvest2050 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GlobalHarvestInitiative