Rajiv Shah visits a tent city in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

USAID’s Dr. Rajiv Shah: “Investing in Agriculture Critical to Breaking the Shackles of Poverty”

During his remarks at the September 21 Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting, USAID Administrator Dr. Rajiv Shah focused on economic empowerment, and the importance of increasing agricultural productivity: “30 years… Read more »

President Obama’s Remarks at the Millennium Development Goals Summit

On, Wednesday, September 22nd President Obama addressed members of the United Nations at the Millennium Development Goals Summit in New York City. He began his remarks reflecting on the goals… Read more »

Sensible Approach Key to Feeding the Hungry Millions

Celebrity chefs and restaurant owners, authors, advocates, “Locavores” and groceries have significantly raised the profile of making food sustainable. “In other words,” writes Robert Paalberg, “organic, local and slow” (“Attention… Read more »

Hormats Addresses Importance of Investment in the Global Economy

On September 6, Under Secretary for Economic, Energy and Agricultural Affairs Richard D. Hormats addressed the World Investment Forum in Xiamen, China on how investment has shaped the global economic… Read more »

FAO Reports Worldwide Hunger Levels Improved, Yet Still Staggering

On September 14, in Rome, Italy, the United National Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) reported that, although reduced by 98 million in 2009, 925 million are still suffering from chronic… Read more »

“Math Lessons for Locavores”

It is logical to think that locally-grown food has less of an environmental impact than food that is grown and shipped across the country or abroad. But New York Times… Read more »

Clinton Discusses African Growth at 2010 AGOA Conference

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton got right to the point in her remarks at the August 3, 2010 annual forum on U.S. trade with Africa and the African Growth… Read more »

Stanford Experts Find High-Yield Agriculture Slows Global Warming

According to a new study developed by researchers at Stanford University, advances in conventional agriculture have prevented massive amounts of greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere. By reducing the amount… Read more »

Innovation pays off

A recently released study, conducted by Stanford Earth scientists, provides further confirmation that investing in agricultural innovation produces the two-fold benefit of allowing modern agriculture to intensify crop yields while… Read more »

World Food Prize Laureate

The World Food Prize Laureate Announcement Ceremony awarded the 2010 Laureates, David Beckmann and Jo Luck, at the U.S. State Department this Wednesday. Beckmann and Luck are both known for… Read more »