About Margaret Zeigler

Margaret is Executive Director of the Global Harvest Initiative. She has dedicated her career to addressing global hunger and food security, most recently serving as deputy director at the Congressional Hunger Center, where she spent the past 18 years working closely with the public and private sectors, non-profit organizations, industry leaders and policy makers to promote food security and reduce hunger. Margaret is a recognized thought leader on food security issues, serving as a media commentator and writer for several publications and news networks around the world. Find her on Twitter at @Harvest2050_MZ

Articles Published by Margaret Zeigler

Rome panel

GHI takes part in sustainable agriculture discussion in Rome

From GHI executive director, Dr. Margaret Zeigler, in Rome We had a great series of meetings with FAO today. In essence, FAO invited GHI and our member companies to have a… Read more »

Julie Borlaug (granddaughter of Dr. Norman Borlaug); Dr. Julie Howard (Chief Scientist, Feed the Future, USAID); Dr. Margaret Zeigler (Executive Director, Global Harvest Initiative); Dr. Robb Fraley (Monsanto)

Norman Borlaug’s Vision for a Better World: Productivity, Policy & People

By Margaret M. Zeigler, Ph.D., Executive Director On Tuesday, March 25, I had the honor of speaking on a panel at USDA to commemorate Dr. Norman Borlaug, the extraordinary father of… Read more »

Agricultural R&D Spending as a share of Ag GDP [GRAPH]

NIFA and the U.S. Land Grant System: A Model of Support for Developing Country Research & Extension Systems

By Margaret M. Zeigler, Ph.D., Executive Director, Global Harvest Initiative (GHI) On Monday, March 4, I had the distinct honor of addressing the Association of Public and Land Grant Universities (APLU) leadership… Read more »

Michael Froman, United States Trade Representative

U.S. Trade Representative Provides Updates on the 21st Century Trade Agreements

In the past several decades, global agricultural trade has increased dramatically due to more efficient transportation and logistics systems and also due to growing purchasing power in developing countries and… Read more »


Meeting the challenge of using water for agriculture

The challenges of feeding more than nine billion people by 2050 in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way cannot be met without the continued innovation and adoption of new technologies…. Read more »


Celebrating Dr. Borlaug’s Legacy

With the annual World Food Prize and Borlaug Dialogue in Des Moines, Iowa, only two months away, the Global Harvest Initiative and our Consultative Partner organizations are collaborating as we… Read more »

Carl Leonard, ACDI VOVA

ACDI/VOCA Celebrates 50 years

The Global Harvest Initiative works closely with consultative partner organizations as we collaborate to improve food and nutrition security. We are especially proud to work with ACDI/VOCA, a development organization… Read more »

farmer works in a paddy-Narendra-Shrestha-EPA

Mechanization to increase yields, decrease post-harvest loss, and improve quality of life

At Global Harvest Initiative, we believe that the right policies and investments can improve productivity throughout the value chain and that appropriate technology improvements empower the smallholder farmer. Some of these… Read more »

Dr. Roberto Lenton - 2013 Water for Food

Too Hot, Too Wet, Too Dry: Building Resilient Agroecosystems

The 5th Annual Global Water for Food Conference here in Lincoln, Nebraska, hosted by the Robert B. Daugherty Water for Food Institute, is bringing together a broad range of national… Read more »

GAP Cover

GHI’s 2012 GAP Report Warns of Regional Food Security Challenges Despite Global Progress

The Global Harvest Initiative’s (GHI) annual Global Agricultural Productivity Report® (GAP Report®), was released on October 17, before an audience of global thought leaders, agricultural industry experts, farmers, and international… Read more »