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For membership opportunities, contact Dr. Margaret Zeigler, Executive Director, Global Harvest Initiative
Phone: (202) 450-4891, ext. 2

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Benefits of Membership

GHI provides our members with the opportunity to make an impact in global agricultural productivity and food and nutrition security by leveraging the voice of the private sector.

  • Harness your institutional experience to impact global agriculture and food and nutrition security policy
  • Leverage GHI’s relationships with governmental bodies, NGOs, and non-profit entities throughout the world
  • Participate in conferences, roundtables, and networking in Washington, DC, Iowa, and other policy centers
  • Exchange information and learning on improving the policy environment for global food security through the members-only section of GHI website
  • Develop executive leaders in global agriculture and food security issues via assignments to GHI headquarters

Global Agricultural Productivity Report (GAP Report®)

2015_GAP_Report_CoverEach year, the Global Harvest Initiative releases the Global Agricultural Productivity Report® (GAP Report®) and Global Agricultural Productivity Index™ (GAP Index™), to mark the progress made toward sustainably doubling agricultural output over the next 40 years. The GAP Report advances the right policies that help build sustainable food and agriculture systems, conserve natural resources, and improve nutrition and livelihoods for farmers and consumers.

The signature GAP Index is an annual measurement of global and regional agricultural productivity growth against regional growth in food demand. The GAP Index is based on the measurement of total factor productivity (TFP), which reflects the amounts of total inputs used per unit of output, including comparisons of the growth of output to the growth of input use.