On Our Plate: Filling the Farmer Gap

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With more young people leaving rural areas, the world is facing a growing “farmer gap.” In 2012, the USDA Census of Agriculture recorded that the number of farmers over 55 was 68 percent, while the number of farmers under 35 was only 5 percent. Recognizing this demographic shift, government leaders and ag organizations are urging young people to pursue a career in the ag industry.

One of the stumbling blocks for young farmers, especially in the U.S., is the high cost of land, which often stays in families and rarely comes up for sale.

Innovative financing and partnership models are also needed to help young people access the capital they need to succeed. See the 2016 Global Agricultural Productivity Report® (GAP Report®) to learn how Farmland Partners Inc. (FPI), A GHI Member Company partners with young farmers to expand their operations and increase productivity and sustainability (pg. 48). Look for a story about Charlie Baucom of Bentwood Farms, an FPI partner farmer, in the Harvest 2050 blog later this week.

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