On Our Plate: Healthy Soils = Productive Soils

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Identifying the amount and type of nutrients needed by specific soils and matching them with the needs of a particular crop is essential to maximizing yields today and ensuring the sustainability of crop production tomorrow. Properly balanced crop nutrition allows plants to use nutrients and water more efficiently, resulting in higher yields on the same amount of land. This frees up land for other productive uses, including habitat and wildlife conservation.

Below are articles featuring the importance of soil health to productivity and farmer profitability. To learn more about how nutrient management is contributing to land and wildlife conservation, read about the Rice Stewardship Partnership between USA Rice, Ducks Unlimited and The Mosaic Company on page 19 of the 2016 GAP Report.

Four Ways to Make the Most out of Fertilizer Purchases
The Mosaic Company, Crop Nutrition

Iowa agronomists show nitrogen fertilizer critical to soil health
Iowa Farmers Today, March 10, 2017

Cover crops improve soil health
Capital Press: The West’s Ag Website, March 9, 2017

Soil properties, crop yield, and economics under integrated crop management (in India)
IFPRI India Food Security Portal, February 27, 2017

Farmer interviews on soil health and the Soil Health Partnership
SoilHealthPartnership.org, Monsanto

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