On Our Plate: Biofortification for Healthy Plants and Healthy People

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Photo credit: Harvest Plus

Photo credit: Harvest Plus

In today’s edition of On Our Plate, we are following up with our three part blog series on biofortification. Take a look below to see how biofortification processes are helping make staple crops like cereal and maize more nutritious to improve nutrition all around the world.


Biofortified Beans Reverse Iron Deficiency in Women
HarvestPlus, July 19, 2016

Eat your carbs: study finds indigenous varieties of rice with higher nutrient content; says biofortification the way to combat nutritional deficiencies in community
India Live Today, July 19, 2016

REPORT: Supporting food fortification programs to improve global nutrition
GAIN Alliance

Best Beans In The Business: Dr. Beebe’s & CIAT’s Work With High-Iron Beans
Global Harvest Initiative

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Biofortified Sweet Potatoes: Making Orange Acceptable »

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