On Our Plate: Bringing agriculture to Urban Markets

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It’s no secret that the world’s population is growing rapidly, and in many parts becoming more urban in the process. With that, come a large challenge to agriculture. Land may be depleted, a need for larger harvest and many more. In today’s edition of On Our Plate, we explore the effects that urbanization has on agriculture and learn some ways in which some farmers may be able to mitigate their effects or even use them to their advantage.


From Seed-to-Sale: Connecting Zambian Farmers to Urban Markets
Global Harvest Initiative, March 18, 2016

Growing Food for Growing Cities: Urbanization as an Opportunity for Many Small-Scale Farmers
The Chicago Council, March 9, 2016

REPORT: Impact of Urbanization on West African Food System
Michigan State University, October 26, 2015

Can our global food system keep up with rapid urbanisation?
GAIN Alliance


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