Meeting the challenge of using water for agriculture

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The challenges of feeding more than nine billion people by 2050 in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way cannot be met without the continued innovation and adoption of new technologies. This is especially true for meeting the challenge of using water for agriculture production, and for water use along the entire agricultural and food value chain.

GHI’s member companies and consultative partners, including the Robert S. Daugherty Water for Food Institute, are collaborating to develop sustainable investments and systems that raise productivity, farmer incomes, care for the environment and contribute to alleviating food insecurity.

Examples of water-saving technology include tractors specifically developed for small-holder farmers and cooperative user groups; drip and micro-irrigation systems that supply the right amount of water, at the correct time, consistently through the growing season; bio-fortified crops that provide more nutrient rich food for some of the poorest regions of the world; improved seeds that increase yield, are insect and herbicide resistant, and are drought and heat tolerant; and mobile technology that gives farmers up-to-date agronomy advice. New systems of precision agriculture can also help farmers make the best decisions with regard to planting, fertilizing and harvesting crops in water scarce environments.

WaterForFoodInstitute_AnnualReportThe release this week of the Daugherty Water for Food Institute’s Annual Report provides a snapshot of the key challenges facing the planet, and provides exciting new solutions that can help as we move forward towards greater resiliency. GHI is proud to partner with the Daugherty Water for Food Institute in our common vision to get more ‘crop per drop’ of water to meet the 2050 challenge.

Download the full report from the Daugherty Water for Food Institute here.

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