ACDI/VOCA Celebrates 50 years

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Carl Leonard, ACDI VOVA

Carl Leonard, President, ACDI/VOCA

The Global Harvest Initiative works closely with consultative partner organizations as we collaborate to improve food and nutrition security. We are especially proud to work with ACDI/VOCA, a development organization founded by U.S. cooperatives in 1963.

Today, ACDI/VOCA is celebrating 50 years of work in over 146 nations. ACDI/VOCA supports business approaches and develops the capacity of smallholder farmers around the world, helping them form cooperatives, to access loans, and to build productive enterprises in agriculture value chains. I was fortunate to visit one of ACDI/VOCA’s programs in Mindanao, Philippines, in March 2013. There I witnessed the dedication of the staff and the excellent work they are doing to promote vibrant producer associations for coconut, cacao and rice production.

Carl and Glynne Leonard with Congressman John and Patti Garamendi at ACDI/VOCA's 50th Anniversary, Washington, DC (June 18, 2013)

Carl & Glynne Leonard with Congressman John & Patti Garamendi at ACDI/VOCA’s 50th Anniversary, Washington, DC (June 18, 2013)

A hallmark of ACDI/VOCA’s approach is their voluntary direct engagement with farmers that need help in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Experienced volunteer farmers from the U.S. spend time directly instructing and mentoring farmers in the developing world, providing that “people to people” approach that is a vital part of knowledge enhancement for better management practices and greater productivity.

Congratulations to ACDI/VOCA on their 50th Anniversary — keep up the great work, and keep sending your dedicated volunteers and staff to work directly with farmers in the developing world. You are global ambassadors for good!

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