Ag Leaders Address Agricultural Development in Africa

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Recently I had the opportunity to address the Corporate Council on Africa’s Agribusiness Working Group and highlight findings from the Global Harvest Initiative’s 2011 GAP Report™, a benchmark of the state of global agricultural productivity updated and released by GHI every year. The event was a great opportunity to come together with leaders from the private sector, government and non-profit agencies to address the challenges and potential solutions for agricultural development in Africa.

In presenting on the 2011 GAP Report™, I highlighted the case study on Ghana, which illustrates how research, development, infrastructure and science-based technologies have had a significant impact on the nation’s agricultural productivity. One member of the agribusiness working group commented on how great it is to see the private sector involved and interested in development, since its approach is focused on looking for a model that is sustainable.

Other topics addressed included the amount of land available for production, the large amount of infrastructure needed across the entire value-chain and the rate of technology adoption. Each organization represented within the group had a specific approach and development focus, from infrastructure, mechanization and nutrition to providing development assistance.

Through the discussion it became clear that organizations involved in African agricultural development are seeking greater collaboration in order to sustainably increase agricultural productivity to meet the future needs of Africa and the world.

The Global Harvest Initiative sees great potential in continuing these cross-sector discussions. We are appreciative of the opportunity to participate in Corporate Council on Africa’s Agribusiness Working Group, especially as our members are focused on enhancing private sector involvement in agricultural and rural development for food security – one of GHI’s five policy priorities.

For more information about GHI member companies’ projects in Africa, please see GHI’s Interactive Map.

To read the 2011 GAP Report and the Ghana case study, click here.

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« Ag Leaders Address Agricultural Development in Africa
Ag Leaders Address Agricultural Development in Africa »

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