Agriculture Coalitions - Making Your Voice Heard

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I recently had the opportunity to attend and speak at the ASA Soybean Leadership College in St. Louis, Missouri. This event focused on the latest trends in the soybean industry, personal and organizational leadership as well as personal communications to help soybean growers better communicate with and engage soybean producers and voice their story about agriculture.

The panel I was invited to speak at, on behalf of Global Harvest Initiative, was entitled Ag Coalitions - Making Your Voice Heard and included coalition co-panelists from Common Ground, U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance, and The Hand that Feeds Us. Over 150 ASA members and farmers were in attendance to hear what coalitions were doing to make agriculture’s voice heard and frame the positive impact farmers are having on food security.

The panel addressed challenges and opportunities facing the agricultural industry today, and each represented coalition had the opportunity to discuss what they were doing to address these challenges. And while the coalitions had different target audiences, each believed in the benefits of agriculture and had a genuine desire to educate their audiences on the benefits of modern agriculture.

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