GHI Senior Associate Laura Barringer Presents at Forum on Agriculture and Adaptation

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The Global Harvest Initiative had the opportunity to speak at a recent event sponsored by the Bipartisan Policy Center, the USDA and Farmers Feeding the World.

The event, entitled Forum on Agriculture and Adaptation: Farm Production Risk Management, Food Security and Changes in Weather and Climate, covered topics ranging from what it will take to feed the world, to impacts of weather variability for agriculture, to how to prepare for changes with risk management tools, research and development, technological innovations and adaptation strategies. There was also a push to identify the research priorities for the USDA in order to support sustainable agricultural production in the face of changes in weather and climate.

Among other experts at the event were Kip Tom and Dr. Richard Cruse. Mr. Tom, an Indiana farmer representing Farmers Feeding the World, highlighted the technological advances that have been adopted on their farm which have resulted in greater productivity. Dr. Cruse, Professor and Director, Iowa Water Center at Iowa State University, highlighted the regions around the world with an unsustainable water scarcity index, as well as the need to identify solutions that utilize less water.

GHI Senior Associate, Laura Barringer, a panelist at the event, discussed the importance of the private sector in improving agricultural production: “In order to meet the needs of a growing population, it will be important that we continue to invest in both public and private research to improve productivity. Producers need technological innovations to be able to sustainably grow more food with fewer resources – most notably water,” said Barringer.

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