Daschle on Closing the Ag Investment Gap

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In a recent Agri-Pulse op-ed, Tom Daschle discusses newly-independent South Sudan and how it, like many developing countries, will face many economic challenges in the coming decades as it tries to rebuild itself and feed its people amidst a rapidly growing global population estimated to reach nine billion by 2050. As pointed out in the op-ed, developing countries face unique challenges that will only worsen as the global population’s food demands increase.

Daschle refers to the most recent Global Harvest Initiative policy paper, which points out the $90 billion annual agricultural investment gap that exists and highlights the importance of private sector involvement in assisting to close the gap and improve global food security.

Closing the investment gap and making drastic improvements in global food security will require a multi-faceted approach that includes governments, civil society, and the private sector. According to Daschle, “The private sector will play a key role in providing the kind of innovation, entrepreneurship, and creative solutions needed to close the $90 billion investment gap and increase the stability and security of our globe.“

Daschle concludes, “Closing the investment gap will help countries like South Sudan achieve their potential, and in the process, will provide the global community with a more secure future.”

View the Agri-Pulse op-ed.

View GHI’s most recent policy paper on Enhancing Private Sector Involvement in Agricultural and Rural Infrastructure Development.

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