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Eight days and counting to our 2010 Symposium, Closing the Gap: Examining an Alternative Future. The symposium, which will be held on March 17 in Washington, D.C., continues the Global Harvest Initiative’s quest to explore and develop specific policies with a global perspective, while having the power to change the way agricultural products are produced and secured.

We expect it to be an exciting day of engaging discussions around the topics of agriculture, hunger, conservation and food security.We’ve assembled a wonderful group of presenters who will offer their ideas - both from a policy and philosophical perspective - regarding how we address the challenge of feeding the 9 billion people who are expected to populate the planet in 2050. Here’s an updated program agenda:

GHI 2010 Symposium Agenda.

A highlight of this year’s Symposium will be the unveiling of a five-part study, which was commissioned by GHI to provide a fact-based blueprint for developing the policies and systems necessary to sustainably meet growing demand. This diverse group of experts provide additional perspective on the difficulty of the challenges ahead, as well as the global consequences of not closing the productivity gap.

One chapter of the study entitled - The Business As Usual Scenario - was authored by Dr. Jason Clay, SVP of Markets for the World Wildlife Fund. Clay poignantly concludes that if we are to maintain a living planet for our grandchildren, then we will need to “freeze the footprint of food.” In other words, we need to do more with less impact on land and water resources.

There is still time to register. However, the event will be by invitation only and seating is expected to be limited. To request more information about the Symposium, please contact Christina Altenau at

I look forward to seeing you there.

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