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New Report Finds $90B Annual Agricultural Investment Gap

JUNE 27, 2011

Enhanced Private Sector Involvement Required To Meet Needs of 9 Billion By 2050

On June 27, the Global Harvest Initiative (GHI) released its final policy issue brief which estimates a $90 billion annual agricultural investment gap and outlines the significant role of the private sector in closing this gap and addressing global food security.

The policy issue brief, “Enhancing Private Sector Involvement in Agriculture and Rural Infrastructure Development,” points to the private sector as one of the key influencers in creating economic growth, raising global incomes, and feeding a population anticipated to reach nine billion people by 2050.

“With a $90 billion annual investment gap in the agricultural sector of developing countries, the task of doubling agricultural productivity in 40 years is a formidable one,” said Dr. William G. Lesher, Executive Director of the Global Harvest Initiative. “There are simply not enough resources in either developed or developing nations to bridge this sizable gap, so enhanced private sector involvement is the key to improving agricultural and rural development to ensure that the world’s future agricultural needs are met.”

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Recent Major Report Highlights Importance of Agricultural Productivity, Expresses Optimism

MARCH 01, 2011

A new special report released by The Economist on February 24 taps a host of agricultural experts and organizations to address the challenges of feeding the 9 billion people that will inhabit the Earth by 2050, and increasing agricultural productivity is highlighted as a critical part of meeting future demands.

Serving as a conclusion for the different sections, in “A prospect of plenty” the author expresses great optimism for potential productivity increases to help meet the demand of the future and help to grow the world’s food supply.

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