About Margaret Zeigler

Margaret is Executive Director of the Global Harvest Initiative. She has dedicated her career to addressing global hunger and food security, most recently serving as deputy director at the Congressional Hunger Center, where she spent the past 18 years working closely with the public and private sectors, non-profit organizations, industry leaders and policy makers to promote food security and reduce hunger. Margaret is a recognized thought leader on food security issues, serving as a media commentator and writer for several publications and news networks around the world. Find her on Twitter at @Harvest2050_MZ

Articles Published by Margaret Zeigler

GHI’s 2012 GAP Report Warns of Regional Food Security Challenges Despite Global Progress

The Global Harvest Initiative’s (GHI) annual Global Agricultural Productivity Report® (GAP Report®), was released on October 17, before an audience of global thought leaders, agricultural industry experts, farmers, and international… Read more »

Investing to Feed the World

By Dr. Margaret M. Zeigler, Global Harvest Initiative Executive Director Catherine Bertini and Dan Glickman offer some excellent recommendations in their Politico article, “Feeding the World in Face of Drought”… Read more »

Senegal Dryland Cattle

Resilience in the Face of Drought

News of extreme heat and widespread drought in America’s heartland is everywhere I look.  With more than 75 percent of the nation’s corn and soybean crops in drought-affected areas, both… Read more »

“The MCC Effect” and Private Sector Partnerships for Development

By Margaret Zeigler, Executive Director, Global Harvest Initiative During my first week at the Global Harvest Initiative, our board of directors and staff had the opportunity to interact closely with senior… Read more »