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Program Update – June 16, 2011


The following report has been developed by ProActive Communications as an update on major GHI programs and initiatives. If you have any questions or comments, please reply to arnold@getproactive.us.


Policy Issue Briefs

To date, four of the five policy issue briefs have been released and marketed to the news media, and the final policy issue brief addressing the importance of private sector involvement is scheduled for release on June 27. Below please note links to the separate media campaign reports for each brief release to date.

        §  Improving Research, Funding Structure and Collaboration

        §  Removing Barriers to Global and Regional Trade in Agriculture

        §  Strengthening and Streamlining Development Assistance Programs

        §  Embracing Science-Based Technologies


Events and Select News Coverage

The programs and goals of the Global Harvest Initiative were mentioned twice at the May 26 Senate Agriculture Committee Hearing by panelists Doug DeVries, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing Services (Agriculture and Turf Division) for Deere and Company, and Andrew Rosenburg, Senior Vice President of Science and Knowledge for Conservation International. Additionally, former US Senator Tom Daschle mentioned GHI’s estimate of a $90 billion investment gap in an op-ed published by Politico on June 7.  


2011 World Food Prize Planning

Planning continues for the October 12 WFP events in Des Moines, Iowa. On June 8, the ProActive team conducted a conference call with representatives of the WFP to discuss event logistics and GHI promotional opportunities for the WFP events. A WFP event plan will be provided by ProActive at the next GHI Board of Directors meeting.


2011 Gap Report Development

Planning and development for the 2011 GAP Report™ continues, and on June 2, Bill Lesher, Laura Barringer, Mark Serrano, Matt Bennett and David Arnold met with Neil Conklin, Keith Fuglie, and Bill Motes to discuss the 2011 report and establish a plan for development. A preliminary outline has since been completed. A further update on plans and progress with the 2011 GAP Report will be provided by Neil Conklin at the July 6 GHI Board of Directors Meeting.


Website Upgrades

Image1.png The interactive world map has been updated with each policy issue brief release to feature statistics corresponding to each paper topic. Regular blog entries on a variety of different topics related to GHI’s policy priorities continue to be posted to Harvest 2050 as well.


GHI Board of Directors Meeting

ProActive Productions is finalizing the second and third in the series of GHI founding member CEO video testimonial interviews. DuPont CEO Ellen Kullman was filmed on March 30 and the video is currently in post-production. The Hugh Grant testimonial video is pending final approval from Monsanto public affairs.