On Our Plate: World Fisheries Day

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World Fisheries Day, celebrated on November 21, helps to highlight the importance of water to the lives it sustains. A UN study reported that more than two-thirds of the world’s fisheries have been depleted and more than one-third are in a state of decline. This week in On Our Plate, we learn about steps global organizations are taking to sustain the world’s fisheries and the lives they support.

End modern day slavery for those in the fishing industries
FAO, November 21, 2016

Scientists look to artificial intelligence to bring $7 billion tuna fishery back into balance
The Nature Conservancy, November 14, 2016

Allen Associates delivers the solution for viable fish farming in Africa
R News, November 21, 2016

WWF plans awareness forum to mark World Fisheries Day today
All Africa, November 21, 2016

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