Monsanto bets on Brazil as agricultural powerhouse

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On May 13, Monsanto and GHI will present policy recommendations from the report ‘The Next Global Breadbasket: How Latin America Can Feed The World.’ The report highlights how the region represents nearly a quarter of the world’s arable land but only contributes 11 percent of the value of current world food production.

Monsanto is teaming with Dutch financial institution Rabobank to provide small farmers access to low-cost financing for the agriculture company’s products as it bets that Brazil’s small landowners will drive the next wave of growth.

Monsanto seeks to capitalize on that growth by selling its products to Brazilian farmers. One such product is the Intacta, a new genetically modified soybean that yields more while also being resistant to pests, reducing the need for fertilizers or pesticides. But Brazil will need more than just Monsanto’s super-seeds to grow.

“What we’re seeing in Brazil is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of technology innovation and acceleration of productivity,” said Jesus Madrazo, vice president of Corporate Engagement for Monsanto.

Click here to read more on how access to new products from Monsanto can help Brazilian farmers.

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