Articles of Interest: What Nepal Doesn’t Know About Water; Women: Empowering Africa’s agriculture backbone

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Using Big Data to Revolutionize Agriculture
Science World Report, April 6, 2013

UN calls for more yield across food systems to halve loss, waste
Business Mirror, April 6,2013

UN Rome-Based Agencies Reveal Food Security and Nutrition Targets for Post 2015 Agenda
World News Report, April 4,2014

USDA, EPA Partner to Improve Access to Clean Water, Improved Infrastructure in U.S.-Mexico Border Region
Yuma News, April 3,2014

Experts root for more investment in Agriculture
The Star, April 2,2014

Improving Agriculture and Governance in Africa Can Help End Hunger
Sharnoff’s Global Views, April 2,2014

Women: Empowering Africa’s agriculture backbone
The Africa Report, April 1,2014

Global food security: could wheat feed the world?
The Guardian, April 1,2014

What Nepal Doesn’t Know About Water
IPS News Agency, April 1,2014

World Bank’s new agriculture project threatens food security, warn experts
The Guardian, Mar 31,2014

Africa Still Most Food Insecure Continent – -FAO
All Africa, Mar 31,2014

Climate change threatens India’s economy, food security
World Bulletin, Mar 31,2014

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