New USDA Climate Hubs

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Research and DevelopmentGHI advocates for comprehensive policies and investments to improve sustainable agriculture, both in the United States and around the globe. One of our key policy areas includes support for public agricultural research that will help farmers and ranchers improve their productivity in the face of climate volatility, climate change and mitigate the impact of severe weather on agriculture.

The Farm Bill that was passed by Congress this week and that is being signed into law by President Obama provides funding for critical research and extension services to address these climate challenges. One such new initiative is being launched this week across the United States.

USDA logoSeven new “Climate Hubs” will provide practical, science-based tools and data for U.S. farmers and ranchers as they adapt to a changing climate. Recognizing that regions face different climate challenges, the Hubs are housed in USDA facilities spread across the country. Each Hub will focus on developing research and solutions tailored to the specific vulnerabilities of its region, such as drought-tolerant seed varieties, strategies to maintain soil health, and ways to monitor and respond to fires and pest outbreaks. These are public-private partnerships to improve productivity and will serve in the future as vital resources to meet the demands of a growing world while conserving precious natural resources.

Read more from the USDA here.

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