President Obama Welcomed by Tanzanian President Kikwete in Joint Press Conference

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President Obama, President KikweteOn July 1, President Barack Obama joined President Jakaya Kikwete of Tanzania in a joint press conference in Dar es Salaam. Of the many topics highlighted, President Kikwete thanked the United States for our continued support in food and nutrition security, infrastructure development, and in the water sector, all of which are “increasingly building Tanzania’s capacity for self-sufficiency and food supply.”

President Obama responded by saying he and Kikwete have “agreed to keep tackling the hurdles of greater economic growth, starting with the sector where the vast majority of Tanzanians work, and that’s in the agricultural sector… our Feed the Future program has allowed us to work together to help more than 14,000 farmers here to better manage their crops and increase their yields by almost 50 percent.”

To view the full dialogue from the press conference, please visit the White House website.

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