GHI Founding Member DuPont Announces Food Security Goals for 2020

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Calls for Collaboration to Address World Hunger

DuPont, a Global Harvest Initiative founding member, took steps toward addressing world hunger by announcing food security goals that it plans to meet by the year 2020 during its Food Security Goals forum on February 2 in Washington, DC. According to DuPont, one way in which these goals will be achieved is through greater collaboration among the private sector, governments and the NGO community.

DuPont Chair and CEO Ellen Kullman challenged the group to “turn talk into results” by establishing “specific measurable goals.” Kullman added, “No one company, country or non-profit organization can meet the challenge of feeding the world alone. But each of us can commit to doing our part and hold ourselves accountable to make a meaningful contribution to this global challenge.”

DuPont Executive Vice President James C. Borel outlined three specific areas that the company is focusing on to meet its food security goals:

  • Innovating to Feed the World: Investing $10 billion in research and development and introducing 4,000 new products centered on producing more food; enhancing nutrition, food, and agriculture sustainability and safety; boosting food availability and shelf life; and reducing waste.
  • Engaging and Educating Youth: Facilitate 2 million engagements of young people around the world in educational opportunities.
  • Improving Rural Communities: Improving the livelihoods of at least 3 million farmers and their rural communities through targeted collaboration and investments that strengthen agricultural systems and make food more available, nutritious, and culturally appropriate.

Representatives from agricultural, political, and industrial sectors participated in the forum, and an expert panel discussed food security and DuPont’s three goals to address it. Panelists included Jo Luck, Former President and CEO of Heifer International; Gene White, Founder of the Global Child Nutrition Foundation; Jim Borel, EVP, DuPont, and former South Dakota Senator Tom Daschle, who emphasized the importance of addressing world food security with the words of United Nations World Food Programme Executive Director Josette Sheeran, “When people don’t have food they have three options: they can revolt, they migrate, or they die.” Senator Daschle continued, “We know that isn’t acceptable. [And] that’s why we’re here.”

The DuPont food security goals were developed following a report issued in 2011 by the DuPont Advisory Committee on Agriculture Innovation and Productivity for the 21st Century, chaired by Senator Daschle.

Learn more about DuPont’s food security goals here.

Listen to an audio interview with Jerry Flint, Vice President of Biotech Affairs and Regulatory division, DuPont and Chairman of the Board, Global Harvest Initiative.

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