GHI Senior Associates Speak at Informa Economics Agriculture Policy Roundtable

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The Global Harvest Initiative continued its speaking engagements recently at an Informa Economics Agriculture Policy Roundtable titled, “Agricultural Markets in a Volatile Political and Economic Environment.” The roundtable provided a unique opportunity to dialogue with industry economists and foreign embassy representatives on productivity scenarios in different regions of the world.  For example, the adjacent figure showcases the global arable land- to-population ratio.  A region like Asia will need to source its food from other areas such as North America and Oceania.

Global Arable Land and Population

Figure 2: Global Arable Land and Population

GHI Senior Associates Erica Seitzer and Laura Barringer spoke on the progress and challenges of global productivity growth in agriculture. According to Seitzer, “To meet the caloric needs of over 9 billion people by 2050, total factor productivity (TFP) must grow at a rate of 1.75 percent. In 2011, GHI estimated the current TFP at 1.74 percent, and although we have made great progress in productivity improvements, this growth must be maintained across the globe over the next 40 years.  As the population continues to grow, and more restraints are placed on land and water, continued investment across the agriculture value chain will be needed to make productivity gains in a sustainable way.”

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