USAID and State Department Launch Foreign Assistance Tracking Web Site

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Recently, the US Department of State and US Agency for International Development (USAID) have launched, a “dashboard” designed to provide a view of foreign assistance funding, and allow users to examine, research and track US government foreign assistance investments.

Still in the early stages of development, the dashboard reports statistics from the requests and appropriations data of the US Department of State and USAID since fiscal year 2006. Further information will be provided to incorporate budget, financial, and performance data in a standard form from all US government agencies receiving or implementing foreign assistance, humanitarian, and/or development funds.

The US government delivers more than $58 billion a year in foreign assistance through more than 20 agencies.

Strengthening and streamlining development assistance programs is one of the Global Harvest Initiative’s five policy priorities, and tracking the investments made by the US government agencies involved in these programs can certainly assist in this regard.

To learn more about the Foreign Assistance Dashboard visit:

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