GHI Helps Launch Global Agricultural Productivity Network

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The Global Harvest Initiative has partnered with Farm Foundation, NFP to launch the Global Agricultural Productivity Network (GAP Network), a new project to examine global agricultural productivity growth, and to establish a global network of researchers studying agricultural productivity.

Based in Washington DC, the project focuses on promoting important agricultural research data, events, discussions and user resources from key members of the agriculture and scientific community. Additionally, the project is designed to support ongoing calculation of global and regional measures of agricultural productivity, encourage additional research on productivity, improve the quality and availability of productivity-related data, and develop capacity for studying local, regional and national issues related to productivity in developing countries.

The research interests of the network span methodological issues on productivity measurement, data needs and resources, examining the influence of policy and other factors influence the rate and direction of productivity growth, and understanding the consequences of productivity change for agricultural and rural development, economic welfare, food security, income distribution, poverty, natural resource conservation, and other issues.

The GAP Network was created following a conference on the Causes and Consequences of Global Agricultural Productivity Growth, held at the Economic Research Service, Washington DC, on May 11-12, 2010.

The GAP Network website,, features a number of resources for professionals in the agricultural industry, such as technical papers, a calendar of events and data. Additionally, the GAP Network currently has an open Call for Proposals for small agricultural research grants. The deadline for submissions is November 15, 2010.

How to Join 

The members of the network consist primarily of agricultural economists working in government, universities, non-profit research institutions, and the private sector who have an interest in agricultural productivity issues. Membership is open to any interested individual and is free. To join, simply register yourself on the GAP Network website.

To learn more visit our website:

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